What Is the Tor Browser & How To Use It In 2020

"Tor anonymity relies on the idea that potential attackers (the FBI in that case) cannot control sufficiently many nodes to make correlations possible." This is tor cracking in a nutshell; there have been several exploits against flaws in the protocol to allow attackers to do this against users and against hidden services, with a shockingly Tor (anonymity network) - Wikipedia Tor enables its users to surf the Internet, chat and send instant messages anonymously, and is used by a wide variety of people for both licit and illicit purposes. Tor has, for example, been used by criminal enterprises, hacktivism groups, and law enforcement agencies at cross purposes, sometimes simultaneously; likewise, agencies within the U.S. government variously fund Tor (the U.S. State Tor pedo's torpedo torpedoed: FBI spyware crossed the line Feb 24, 2018 How Did The FBI Break Tor? - Forbes Nov 07, 2014

Former Tor Developer Created Malware for FBI to Unmask Tor

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Can you be traced by your IP address if you are using Tor

FBI Director Claims Tor and the “Dark Web” Won’t Let Sep 10, 2015 How to use Tor for Torrents (but there's a better option) Jun 12, 2020 NSA likely targets anybody who's 'Tor-curious' - CNET Whether you're a regular user of Web privacy tools like Tor and Tails, or you've just checked out their websites, the NSA could be tracking your online movements, a new investigation reveals.