It's tough to pick only 5 of the best horror films in the last decade because there have been many, but the plethora of terrible films was easier to weed out. Whatever the category, the horror genre has pushed the boundaries on topics such as grief, trauma, racism and just plane old fashioned jump scares. 10 Best: Cabin In The Woods (2011)

Dec 06, 2019 The 15 Best Horror Movies of The Last Decade – Taste of Jul 25, 2017 The Definitive Top 10 Horror Films Of The Decade Dec 31, 2019 Best to Worst Horror Movies of this decade: 2010-2019 - IMDb This is for enlisting all the Horror films that I have seen so far in this new decade (2010-2019). So it'll be an ongoing process & I hope I can continue it till 31st Dec, 2019! Time to time recommendations, suggestions or even criticisms are always welcome from any good horror movie fan.

15 Best Horror Movies of the 2010s - The Lineup

RE7 is easily one of the best horror games of this decade, and to miss it is to miss the very best of what the franchise has offered in well over that decade. Our Review. 2017 Runner-Up: Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (Xbox One/PlayStation 4/PC/Switch) The 140 Best 2010s Horror Movies << Rotten Tomatoes 140 Best 2010s Horror Movies. The horror genre: What a decade it’s been, right? The rumblings of a quality horror comeback felt during the 2000s morphed into a full-blown renaissance during the 2010s.

Oct 29, 2019 · The 2010s saw horror experience a cultural renaissance. It started the decade recovering from the dismal state of PG-13 studio cash-ins, eventually welcoming in a new wave of prestige pictures

Jun 29, 2018 100 horror films from the 80s. Possibly the best decade Many horror movies of the 80s have a sense of humour or a comic twist or wink. Not HELLRAISER. This is an ugly exploration of cruelty and betrayal that pulls very few punches. A small puzzle box acts as a gateway to hell where strange creatures call Cenobites come to bring the pain. Stay Home, Watch Horror: 5 of the Last Decade’s Best