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Source: i.ytimg.com. There are two main reasons why you still getting pop-ups even after installing pop-up blocker in extension. The first reason is a pop-up blocker in Chrome is not installed properly, and second, some other programs evade the browser’s pop-up blocker.. If the pop-up is bigger than the main window, it is known as the replacement interface. How to install a pop up blocker in Google chrome for free Mar 24, 2014 Where is pop up blocker in Google Chrome - Techyv.com

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How to Block Popups on Google Chrome in Windows 7 | Your Yet Another Popup Blocker Pro. Step 1. Navigate to the Yet Another Popup Blocker Pro extension on the Google Chrome Web Store (link in Resources) and click the "Add To Chrome" button. Step 2. Click "Add" to confirm the new extension and open the options page. Step 3. how to Block pop-ups in Google Chrome – Desktop, iOS and Google Chrome has a built-in pop-up blocker. The pop-up blocker in Google Chrome works well against blocking pop-ups and offers most users sufficient protection against unwanted pop-ups. If you want to check if the Google Chrome pop-up blocker is enabled, follow the steps below. Allow or block pop-ups in Google Chrome desktop 10+ Best Free Pop UP Blocker For Windows Poper Blocker : Best Pop Up Blocker Extension. Poper Blocker is the most powerful and important …