Jul 02, 2020

Jan 18, 2018 Configure firewall for an application on Mac Jun 09, 2020 Configuring Access Control Lists (ACLs) Normally ACLs reside in a firewall router or in a router connecting two internal networks. You can set up ACLs to control traffic at Layer 2, Layer 3, or Layer 4. MAC ACLs operate on Layer 2. IP ACLs operate on Layers 3 and 4. (Config-mac-access-list)#permit any any (DTI SWITCH) (Config-mac-access-list)# Firewall and Router Issues – Roblox Support

In Mac OS X, how do I enable or disable the firewall?

macOS Sierra’s firewall feature blocks unwanted network traffic coming into your computer, and Stealth Mode makes your Mac essentially invisible to hackers snooping for computers to target. MAC Flapping - Cisco Community Hi, Got this log entry, repeated many times: connectivity between access switches (2950) Firewall (HA) active/passive .pls find attached file .Nov 29 22:: %SW_MATM-4-MACFLAP_NOTIF: Host xxx9.xx09.0003 in vlan 2 is flapping between port Gi1/0/24 and

How To Restrict traffic from only selected MAC addresses

How to Allow Apps to Communicate Through Your Mac’s Firewall Apr 07, 2016 How to Configure Your Mac's Firewall | Macinstruct