Jul 08, 2020 · If you have a virus on your iPhone or iPad, there’s a very good chance your phone was infected with an app that you didn’t find in the App Store. your next step is to get rid of it for

If you want to wipe out not just your all-time browsing history (as depicted above) but an iPad's entire online history, including cookies and all cached search and site data, you can do that Open Safari and tap the bookmarks icon at the bottom (iPhone) or top (iPad) of the screen. Tap History, near the top of your list of bookmarks. Tap Clear at the bottom and select how far back you Jul 20, 2020 · For a thorough cleaning, go to the iPad Settings. You can delete the browsing history and cookies from the iPad Settings app. Clearing the history this way deletes everything Safari saved. Tap the gear icon on the Home screen to open the iPad Settings. Scroll down and tap Safari. Apr 20, 2013 · At the top you will see a button called "Clear History", touch this and then touch the red "Clear History" button that has appeared at the bottom. Your history will have been successfully cleared Apr 21, 2020 · Tap Clear History and Website Data to delete all records of the websites you have been to on the iPad and all website data (cookies) collected on the iPad. You are prompted to confirm your request. Tap the Clear button to confirm you want to delete this information. Jun 29, 2020 · Now, you need to click on History at the bottom in the sidebar. (Just in case, the sidebar is hidden, click the sidebar icon in the toolbar.) Step #3. Next, click on Clear at the top right of the screen. Step #4. Next up, you have three options to choose from: Clear History, Clear Recommendations and Clear All.

You can skim your Photo Library and get rid of old and large photos and videos manually, or use a smart storage space cleaner, like the Phone Cleaner for Media Files app. This free application takes up 19.8MB only. It scans your camera roll and finds the largest files automatically. So, you can get rid of them in just four taps in under a minute.

Jan 03, 2011 · Again, the "Erase all content and settings" is your first, best option if you're really getting rid of your device. With everything else, your being human, you'll eventually mess up. If you do, just remember what every celebrity and politician on every talk/news show in America has taught us -- deny, deny, deny! Mar 08, 2020 · Clear History and Website Data from Safari in the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. If you want, you can go to Advanced > Website Data from the bottom of the Safari settings. This screen allows you to view or remove the website data for individual websites, but it isn’t necessary if the steps above worked. You can clear your YouTube history on your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad by tapping the three bars in the top left hand corner of the YouTube app. From the Settings page tap the "History" panel to open your YouTube history. From here you can tap the trash can icon and select "Clear History" from the pop up box to clear all the videos you have viewed.

Sep 24, 2019 · Open Maps. Tap the top of the Search bar and swipe up to show the search card. Swipe left over the entry, then tap Remove. When you remove a location from your Maps history, it permanently deletes the destination from your list.