The Linux API is the kernel–user space API, which allows programs in user space to access system resources and services of the Linux kernel. It is composed out of the System Call Interface of the Linux kernel and the subroutines in the GNU C Library (glibc). The focus of the development of the Linux API has been to provide the usable features of the specifications defined in POSIX in a way

The driver domain uses the native Linux driver for the network interface controller, which in turn communicates with the physical NIC, also called the network adapter. Recall from Section 5.8 that the guest domain communicates with the driver domain through an I/O channel; more precisely, the guest OS in the guest domain uses a virtual Sample Config for OpenVPN (TAP) on Arch - OpenVPN Support Feb 28, 2019 VLAN filter support on bridge - Red Hat Developer

Some tasks requires having tap interfaces configured + assign ownership. So, I am doing it manually: sudo tuntap -u sudo ifconfig tap0 up sudo ip a a dev tap0 or using. ip tuntap add dev tap0 mode tap user

Feb 28, 2019 VLAN filter support on bridge - Red Hat Developer Sep 14, 2017

How does a TUN/TAP interface works? - Quora

ssh should have access rights to tun interface or permissions to create it. Check owner of tun interface and/or /dev/net/tun. Obviously if you want to access a network rather than a single machine you should properly set up IP packet forwarding, routing and maybe a netfilter on both sides. Linux Bridge and Virtual Networking - The Cloud Builder