The Standby list contains unmodified pages that have been removed from process working sets, which effectively makes the Standby list a cache. If a process needs a page that is on the Standby list, the memory manager immediately returns the page to its working set. All pages on the Standby list are available for memory allocation requests.

Ryzen Balanced power plan does not allow standby | Community Oct 03, 2017 Change Computer Sleep Time Settings in Windows 7? - Ask Microsoft Windows 7. That’s rather retro of you, though not as bad as if you’d have asked me about Windows XP, I suppose. All modern operating systems have had the ability to put your components to sleep and to even power down the computer itself after a certain period of inactivity.

It is expected that a system could be configured to have both an S3 object and a populated FADT table (ACPI S0 Low Power Idle flag, same for Windows 8.1 Connected Standby and Modern Standby), making it possible for enterprise users to change to Windows 7 without requiring any BIOS changes.

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Standby. The Standby list, which is shown in blue, contains pages that have been removed from process working sets but are still linked to their respective working sets. As such, Standby list is essentially a cache. However, memory pages in the Standby list are prioritized in a range of 0-7, with 7 … How do I set the sleep time in Windows 7? - Ask Dave Taylor Jun 30, 2010 How to Schedule Windows to Schedule it to Wake up and Goto