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Feb 17, 2015 How to Fix High CPU Usage by Sppsvc.exe on Windows 10? Sppsvc.exe is a Microsoft Software Protection Platform Service, which is also referred to as sppsvc.It belongs to Microsoft Windows Operating System and is one of the integral parts of the Windows OS. The service is aimed at piracy prevention and software tampering protection, which helps to initiate licensing easier.. According to Microsoft, Sppsvc.exe service “exhibit improvements in how [FIX] Windows Could Not Start The Software Protection Mar 01, 2015 Software Protection Platform Service Sppsvc.exe causing May 13, 2019

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The Software Protection Service checks for the authenticity of a software when you try to install one. It also checks for the activation status of the Windows version that you have installed in your computer. If the service finds that the software you are trying to install is not legitimate, it denies you the access to install the software. The Software Protection service stops and starts every 5 May 09, 2018 How To Enable Software Protection Service

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Remove Windows Software Protection (Uninstall Guide) Windows Software Protection is a fake rogue anti-spyware program that is part of the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials infection. When this infection is installed on your computer it will display CMD - Software Protection service Service name: sppsvc Display name: Software Protection Description: Enables the download, installation and enforcement of digital licenses for Windows and Windows applications. If the service is disabled, the operating system and licensed applications may run in a notification mode. It is strongly recommended that you not disable the Software Protection service.