May 17, 2015

Can iphones be set up without internet or wifi | Tom's Apr 17, 2018 GoPro session 5 not showing up in WiFi setting on I have a GoPro session 5, I go through all of the settings when connecting a new device to the app. It connects but then one it gets to selecting the WIFi, the go pro doesn’t even show up in the iPhone WiFi settings to select. I have tried resetting everything and nothing will work. HELP!!

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Setting up your new iPhone has never been this easy. Jason Cipriani/CNET What you need. You'll need two iPhones -- your old one and the new one you're setting up -- both running iOS 12.4, and Mar 25, 2018 · There are currently no options on the iPhone itself to force the 5GHz connection. Conclusion. Taking advantage of 5GHz WiFi channels isn’t possible with all iPhone models but if you are using an iPhone 5 or higher, it is possible. If you’re still using an iPhone older than this, you will have to upgrade your phone to be able to use 5GHz WiFi. Wi-Fi Calling lets you make and receive voice and video calls over a Wi-Fi connection instead of using your cellular connection. If you have a Wi-Fi connection and are in an area where voice service is weak or unavailable, use Wi-Fi calling to continue making voice calls.

May 17, 2018 · Setting up Touch ID 'Touch ID' is the fingerprint recognition on your iPhone. You can use it to unlock your phone, make payments using your phone, and for some apps (like banking apps) to authenticate you. You'll need to have set up a passcode first, before you can set up Touch ID.

Upgraded my wifi router to a Orbi RBK22 with 2.4 and 5. I have a wifi camera that only uses 2.4. To set up the camera on the new router, the iphone with the camera setup app, must both be on 2.4. Problem is the Orbi auto uses 5 if the device (iphone in this case) is capable. Troubleshoot issues related to email on your Apple iPhone 5