Nov 27, 2015

Is Bitcoin Anonymous? - CryptoCurrency Facts However, bitcoin provides less anonymity than cash transactions in that all of your transactions are publicly available to the entire bitcoin network. In other words, because the transaction block chain acts as a “public ledger”, anyone can readily see the records of all of the transactions that have ever involved your bitcoin address. Brings Anonymity Back to the Crypto Market with The bottom line, the greatest advantage of using a bitcoin mixer is anonymity and privacy. At times when the true anonymity of bitcoin and other crypto coins is in question, Bitcoin tumbler privacy - Bitcoin Exchanges and Anonymity - Bitcoin Stack The main problem with Bitcoin anonymity is that every transaction is publicly logged by design. Anyone can view the flow of Bitcoins from address to address in the blockchain. This data alone cannot be used to identify you because the addresses are just random numbers, but if any of the addresses in a transaction's future or past history can be

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