How to Check RAM Type, Size and Speed in Windows 7

How to Test Your Computer’s RAM for Problems Jul 30, 2016 How to Check Your Computer's Memory Usage in Windows Mar 21, 2019

You can check this by opening the Performance tab of Windows Task Manager (press the Ctrl-Alt-Del keys simultaneously). The page file is almost full – not good! If your page file usage is almost full, and the Free memory is low, then Windows is running out of memory for your running applications.

The usable memory may be less than the installed memory on , type msconfig in the Search programs and files box, and then click msconfig in the Programs list.; In the System Configuration window, click Advanced options on the Boot tab.; Click to clear the Maximum memory check box, and then click OK.; Restart the computer. Update the system BIOS The problem may occur because the system BIOS is outdated. If you have an older computer, the system may be

Fix Low Memory warnings in Windows Vista, XP and Windows 7

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